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lizfairy's Journal

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Hi, My name is Elizabeth, though my friend's call me Liz. I am 18, and I was born in the city of Bath but moved to Dorset/Devon when I was 3, and have lived here ever since.
I am a vegan. I absolutely adore animals and traveling. I've had this blog since I was 14.

I feel better if I make 'to do' lists.

I am recovering from anorexia nervosa. I have been for most of the past year... Little bit of a bugger.

I enjoy always being busy and involved in creative projects and traveling.

I love my friends. God knows why they've stayed loyal to me.
Then again. I don't believe in God. In fact, the world baffles me, and consciousness to me is a bizarre concept I like to discuss.

I'm quite open. Proof of anything is an interesting idea to me.

I like to live it up.